Sciton BBL™ Permanent Hair Reduction

About Sciton BBL™ Permanent Hair Reduction

The Sciton BBL™ (broadband light) hair reduction technology offers a more advanced IPL (intense pulse light) hair removal system. Sciton BBL™ uses a light source to target the hair follicle. The broadband light energy is absorbed by pigment in the hair follicle and converted into heat that destroys the bulb of the follicle and, therefore, prevents future growth. Hair reduction takes place gradually over time and is more noticeable with each treatment.

Sciton BBL™ Permanent Hair Reduction Technology

The MedSpa at EYE-Q uses the Sciton BBL™ permanent hair reduction technology, the most advanced system in permanent hair removal. Sciton BBL™ is the safest and most comfortable permanent hair reduction option available, and it provides exceptional results. Sciton BBL’s revolutionary hair reduction technology uses a cooled sapphire plate to provide continuous cooling for maximum comfort. Plus, the speed and the accuracy of the light energy being administered allows for a safer, more effective treatment.

Recommended For: Permanent hair reduction

Recovery Time: No downtime although skin can be red immediately after the procedure and you may feel mildly sunburned when more delicate areas are treated.

Cost: Price is based on the size of the treatment area. Combination treatments may be discounted. Contact The MedSpa for a free consultation to determine pricing.

Small Area: $800 for six treatments
Lip, chin, sideburns, hands, feet

Medium Area: $1,400 for six treatments
Full face, basic bikini, lower back, buttocks, underarms, small stomach

Large Area: $1,800 for six treatments
Brazilian bikini, upper back, full arms, full legs, full stomach, chest

Extra Large Area: $2,000 for six treatments
Arms and legs, full back, full torso, combo treatments

Treatments and Results

Sciton BBL’s permanent hair reduction is a non-invasive treatment with virtually no downtime. Treatment consists of a series of 15-minute to one-hour outpatient procedures. The total number of treatments required and procedure time depends on the thickness of hair and the size of the area being treated. Treatments are sold in a series of six and are typically performed every six to eight weeks, or whenever hair is actively growing at the surface of the skin. A chiller fan is used for added comfort. Patients may resume all normal activities immediately after their treatment but must be cautious of sun exposure.

Disclaimer: While laser and light skin procedures can provide amazing results and treat a variety of skin problems and concerns, not all procedures are right for everyone. In fact, some procedures may cause damaged or discolored skin to be more noticeable. It’s important to do your research before any procedure and be sure to select the treatment that will have the desired result on your skin type. Expected result, optimal skin type and recovery time for each procedure varies. The MedSpa’s cosmetic and surgical counselors can recommend the best procedure for the result you’re trying to achieve.