Sciton JOULE Laser Treatments

About Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing procedures use laser-based technology to dramatically reduce the effects of sun damage and aging, and restore the skin’s healthy, youthful glow.  Laser treatments are also effective in the treatment of acne scarring, some superficial pigmentation issues, and sagging facial skin. During resurfacing the laser passes over the skin’s surface to remove a thin layer of damaged skin cells. The procedure stimulates new collagen growth, and as skin heals, fresh healthy cells grow revealing younger looking skin.

Treatments and Results

Laser skin treatments can range from the superficial MicroLaserPeel, great for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and tired-looking skin, to the Contour TRL Deep Resurfacing treatment used to eliminate deep wrinkles, even in difficult areas like upper lip lines and crow’s feet. ProFractional Resurfacing treats a specific area and is ideal for reducing acne scars and tightening sagging facial skin by stimulating collagen growth.

Laser Technology

The MedSpa at EYE-Q uses the safe and effective Sciton JOULE erbium laser. This tunable laser allows for treatments to be custom tailored for a specific skin type and condition, providing greater precision of depth and superior results.

MicroLaserPeel (Superficial Skin Resurfacing)

An Affordable Alternative To Microdermabrasion with Immediate Results Recommended For: -Fine Lines & Wrinkles -Sun Damage -Tone & Texture Recovery Time: 3 to 5 days Cost: $500 The MicroLaserPeel is perfect for improving the skin’s tone and texture, offering results comparable to microdermabrasion in just one session and with minimal down time. The outpatient procedure utilizes the Sciton JOULE laser to remove a very thin layer of skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, repair sun damage, and improve tone and texture – restoring a more youthful appearance. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and the results last for approximately six months. As your skin heals, fresh new cells grow and resurface the treated area leaving skin looking younger and more vibrant. This procedure works well on all skin colors and types. The result is healthier, more radiant skin almost immediately making this the perfect skin booster for a wedding or special event when you want to look your best!

ProFractional Resurfacing

Dramatic Results with Less Downtime, Ideal for Treating Acne Scars and Sagging Skin Recommended For: -Acne Scarring -Sagging Facial Skin -Fine Lines & Wrinkles -Tone & Texture -Sun Damage Recovery Time: 2-7 days (recovery time can vary depending on the depth of treatment) Cost: $1,500 ProFractional resurfacing (commonly known as fractional resurfacing) targets specific problem areas and can provide subtle to dramatic results. The laser pinpoints a specific area of the skin. The skin’s natural healing response to this controlled injury creates new collagen, which adds firmness and resilience to the loose, sagging skin. As skin heals over the next 4 to 6 months, collagen will build resulting in thicker, younger looking skin. This procedure is effective in the treatment of acne scarring, sun damage and sagging facial skin, including the jawline and lateral cheek area. It is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort that enhances the overall appearance of your skin, improving tone and texture, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Exceptional results can be achieved with shorter healing time and minimal downtime. This procedure works on all skin types, although darker skin types may need some pre- and post-treatment with specialized skin care products. The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes and typically results can be achieved in one session, although the number of treatments required may vary from patient to patient.  

Contour TRL Deep Resurfacing

Safe and Effective Deep Resurfacing for the Most Dramatic Result Recommended For: -Deep Wrinkles -Tone & Texture -Acne Scarring -Sagging Facial Skin -Sun Damage Recovery Time: 10 days to 2 weeks of downtime, 6-8 weeks of skin sensitivity Cost: $2,000 – $4,000 Contour TRL is a deep resurfacing procedure that is great for treating deep wrinkles, even in hard to treat areas around the nose, mouth and eyes. This deep resurfacing treatment provides the most dramatic results in laser resurfacing, reducing or eliminating deep wrinkles, scars and sun damage while improving over tone and texture. The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes and typically results can be achieved in one session. In many cases, a combination of Contour TRL and ProFractional are used on full facial, deep resurfacing procedures. Complete healing time depends on the depth of treatment. Deep resurfacing can take from several weeks to several months to fully heal and will cause downtime from work and social activities. Deep resurfacing does not work on darker skin tones as it can cause increased pigmentation and scarring.

Combination Treatments with Sciton JOULE Laser

Recommended For: Combination treatment plans can be customized to address all skin concerns Recovery Time: Varies depending on treatments Cost: MicroLaserPeel and ProFractional $1,500 While each treatment can be performed as a “stand alone” procedure and provide outstanding results, often a combination of laser treatments are used to achieve the best result. The MicroLaserPeel used in conjunction with ProFractional resurfacing can produce dramatic results with minimal downtime. A deep resurfacing can be performed in conjunction with ProFractional, on areas such as the forehead that don’t need deep resurfacing, offering exceptional results. The MedSpa can develop a customized treatment plan to provide optimal results for each patient. Combination treatments can be performed safely and comfortably on the same day with minimal downtime depending on the treatment. Disclaimer: While laser skin procedures can provide amazing results and treat a variety of skin problems and concerns, not all procedures are right for everyone. In fact, some procedures may cause damaged or discolored skin to be more noticeable. It’s important to do your research before any procedure and be sure to select the treatment that will have the desired result on your skin type. Expected result, optimal skin type and recovery time for each procedure varies. The MedSpa’s cosmetic and surgical counselors can recommend the best procedure for the result you’re trying to achieve.