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3 Ways Cataracts Affect Your Everyday Life

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June is Cataracts Awareness Month—however, many people don’t know what cataracts are or how they affect our eyesight. A cataract is the clouding of the lens behind the iris that can cause blurry or unclear vision, and eventually, lead to blindness.

Cataracts are inevitable as you get older and can heavily affect your everyday life if not treated. Here are three ways cataracts will impact your daily routine.

1. Driving

Most people wouldn’t think twice about driving because it’s something we all do to get from one place to another. However, when cataracts come into play, driving becomes increasingly difficult and dangerous, especially at night. Symptoms of cataracts include clouded vision and seeing halos around lights, both of which make it hard to get behind the wheel without endangering yourself and those driving around you.

2. Hobby limitations

If you’ve had perfect eyesight your entire life and then begin to experience double vision or faded colors in your later years, you may have trouble doing all of your favorite hobbies. Activities like photography, fishing, knitting, and golfing, among others, would be more difficult to enjoy if you have cataracts.

3. Time with friends and family

Our most precious moments in life are spent with those we love, but when you have trouble seeing clearly, you can miss out on some of the best memories. Reading to your grandchildren, celebrating birthdays and holidays, and attending little ones’ baseball games are all important life moments—don’t let cataracts hold you back from enjoying them.

If you experience symptoms like double vision, faded colors, or clouded vision, or you’re seeing halos around lights, this could be an indication that you have cataracts. Scheduling an appointment to see your eye doctor is vital. Whether you find that you have cataracts or another eye condition, catching eye problems early on is always important, as it makes treating the condition that much easier.