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4 Common Symptoms of Eye Allergies (That Justify a Doctor Visit)

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The Central Valley is a high-risk area for allergies because of the many pollutants in the air. The medical term for eye allergies is allergic conjunctivitis, but without visiting your eye doctor, you can’t truly know if you have eye allergies or other conditions, like dry eye or bacterial infections. Watch out for these common symptoms that may actually indicate underlying issues with your eyes.

1. Itchy eyes 

People with allergic conjunctivitis often experience itchiness in their eyes, but this may also be a symptom of dry eyes, Dr. Recalde says. You may even have both!EYE-Q Allergen Graphic

2. Red eyes 

Redness can be a symptom of many different conditions: fatigue, contact lens irritation, digital eye strain, or something more serious, like uveitis or corneal ulcer.

3. Waking up with puffiness around your eyes 

This symptom could indicate fluid retention, stress, hormone changes, infections or allergies, but there’s no way to be sure without visiting your eye doctor.

4. Excessively watery eyes

You may have a cold or a blocked tear duct. You might have eyelid issues or hay fever. You could even have a foreign object in your eye. Regardless, watery eyes are a huge inconvenience and should be checked by your eye doctor.