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5 Ways to Convince Your Child Their Glasses are Awesome

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Wearing glasses can play a key role in your child’s success at school. Can’t get your kid to rock their specs? Here are five ways to help.


1. Be excited!

If you suspect your child may need glasses in the future, maybe because a doctor has hinted at it or because needing glasses runs in your family, then starting to talk about lenses, and how cool they are, early on is a good idea. Point them out when you see people in public wearing them.

2. Amazing people wear glasses.

Give relevant examples of celebrities, athletes, or even superheroes (hello, Clark Kent!). Finding a person that your child can relate to will help drive this point home. Is your kid a basketball player? Show him the success Kareem Abdul Jabbar has had in the NBA. Does your daughter love gymnastics? Morgan Hurd can be her new hero! Same goes for musicians, actors, and authors. Successful people often need glasses as they master their craft.

3. Let your child choose their glasses!

Once you know their prescription and your budget, show your child all of their eyewear options and let them choose the glasses that they like best. This sense of pride in their choice will help your child WANT to wear their specs. Then, once you have them, make sure they fit. Trying to convince a kid to wear glasses that are uncomfortable due to an improper fit will be a huge undertaking. Make your life a little easier by ensuring they fit your child just right.

4. Make regular trips to the eye doctor an exciting thing.

Take the fear out of the process. We know how important regular eye exams are for adults, and the same goes for children. If your child dreads their eye exams, it may be time to find a new doctor; one that makes your child comfortable. Dr. Derick Holt, M.D., of EYE-Q Vision Care, is an expert in pediatric optometry—and kids love him!

5. Be honest and share the facts.

We’re not fans of scaring kids into wearing their glasses, but it is essential that your child knows and understands why they need glasses in the first place. Give your child the responsibility (with your loving guidance) to wear their glasses and be in charge of their eye health. This way, they feel a sense of confidence in being the “boss” of their eye health.