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Employee Charity Competition

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EYE-Q Cares is a community benefit program driven by the employees of EYE-Q to get involved with and support many non-profit organizations. EYE-Q Cares readily donates funds, time and energy to the causes that are important to them, and to the local community. In the past, just a few of these causes have included Make-A-Wish, Toys for Tots, Valley Center for the Blind, Marjaree Mason Center and Central Valley Vets. EYE-Q has made this program a priority in their organization because of their love for the community and passion for giving back. Plus, they often end up having a lot of fun!

Recently, the staff participated in a competition to raise funds and items for various charities. They were split into three teams, and each team chose a different benefitting organization as their focus. One group chose Reading Heart, a book donation program dedicated to serving kids in hospitals and children in areas with limited access to books. Another team chose Disabled American Veterans, which provides relief and assistance to disabled veterans and their dependents through the sale of donated clothing and other items. The third team chose Community Food Bank, an organization focused on ending hunger in the Central Valley. Subsequently, the teams conducted book, clothing and canned food drives for the three charities and earned points for their team. The competition ran from April 11th through May 5th, and the team with the most points at the end would receive a pizza party and bragging rights.

EYE-Q employees are not the kind of people who run away from a challenge. In total, they donated enough food and money to provide almost 6,000 meals to the hungry for Community Food Bank. They also donated enough clothes to fully stock the entire Disabled American Veterans store on McKinley Avenue, which totaled 2,292 articles of clothing. In fact, six employees donated over 100 items of clothing each. Nearly 500 books were donated to Reading Heart, which means that on average, each member of the book team donated more than 6 books.

The doctors at EYE-Q are incredibly proud of the staff and want to thank and congratulate all of the employees for such a HUGE accomplishment! This proves that when we come together we can achieve great things, and truly make a difference in our community!