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EYE-Q Cares with Dr. Barrón and Dr. Mendoza

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EYE-Q is proud to give back to the community by supporting local non-profit organizations. EYE-Q Cares continues to donate to more than 20 Central Valley groups and plans to keep this tradition going for years to come.

Community is important to EYE-Q employees, and they show it every single day in the work they do and the causes they individually choose to support. Recently, Dr. Barrón and Dr. Mendoza spoke about this in an interview with Lifestyle Matters.

Dr. Barrón and Dr. Mendoza are two of many doctors and staff members who participate in EYE-Q’s yearly internal fundraiser, Jeans for Charity, in which employees select a non-profit to donate to throughout the year and make this donation each pay period in exchange for wearing jeans to work on Fridays.

These two doctors also participated in a local event last month, Navidad en el Barrio, where they provided full eye exams and prescription glasses at no cost to those who needed them in the community.

To learn more about the work EYE-Q does to help the community, watch the interview below or at