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EYE-Q Cares – Making a Difference in Our Community

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Navidad-En-El-Barrio-FresnoAs a member of the community for over 50 years, EYE-Q Vision Care is invested in making the Central Valley a better place to live. EYE-Q supports a number of charitable organizations and fundraising efforts that contribute to the well-being of the community. This strong desire to give back to their community resulted in the introduction of EYE-Q Cares, a community philanthropy program driven by employees of EYE-Q. From volunteering their time at organizations like The Poverello House and Valley Animal Center to collecting toys for Toys for Tots to staff-funded cash donations, the staff at EYE-Q generously offers their support throughout the year.

One of the most fulfilling experiences is to be able to give the gift of sight. Throughout the year, EYE-Q is involved with programs and events that provide vision care to underprivileged kids, veterans and other residents in need. Thanks to the generosity of the staff at EYE-Q, who happily volunteer their time and professional expertise, we are able to make an enormous difference in the lives of so many people who can’t afford eye care.

Navidad-En-El-Barrio-FresnoLast December, the doctors and staff at EYE-Q volunteered their time at Navidad En El Barrio, an event put on by the Bautista Medical Foundation designed to educate and promote health issues affecting the community. Dr. Michael Mendoza, Dr. Derick Holt and other EYE-Q staff members were on hand performing eye screenings, pretesting patients and doing full eye exams. The Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation was there with their “Vision Mobile,” a state-of-the-art bus equipped with a full-service exam room, an optical department with a full inventory of frames and a complete single lens lab. The doctors and staff at EYE-Q and the Tzu Chi team worked tirelessly to ensure that all patients were seen, performing eye screenings and exams, fabricating lenses and distributing glasses on-site to event attendees who would otherwise be unable to receive proper vision care.

For many people in attendance it was their first eye examination. One 30-year-old patient with 20/200 vision had never had an eye exam and was not even aware that she couldn’t see. Dr. Mendoza was able to take her from 20/200 to 20/20 vision. The patient was thrilled that she was able to see clearly for the first time in her life. Dr. Mendoza is a regular volunteer, working with the staff at EYE-Q and the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation to provide much needed eye care for Valley residents who can’t afford it. He states, “I’m so proud to be able to work alongside such a great group of caring individuals and medical professionals. The staff at EYE-Q and Tzu Chi have very big hearts and care so much about our community. We’re lucky to be able to give back in a way that makes such a huge impact on someone’s life.”

Navidad-En-El-Barrio-FresnoThe screening helped save the vision of one lucky 3-year-old. This patient had a high refractive error in both eyes which placed her at risk for ametropic amblyopia, a medical condition in which the retina can’t focus on the image of a distant object (often described as reduced visual acuity). The condition can be very difficult to detect in children who are often not aware that there is a problem so they don’t mention it to their parents and the condition remains undiagnosed. The disorder was discovered after an exam performed by EYE-Q Pediatric Ophthalmologist Dr. Holt who stated, “Fortunately she attended the screening and we were able to catch this at an early age. Proper correction of her high refractive error will give her the best chance to develop good vision that will last her lifetime. She was so excited to be able pick out her very own glasses. It’s heartwarming to see a child’s face light up when they see clearly for the first time.”

EYE-Q is proud to give back to the community by supporting local not-for-profit organizations. If you have an organization or special event coming up and would like to request a donation from us, please visit