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EYE-Q Cares: Valley Animal Center Volunteer Day

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It’s important to spend time giving back during the holiday season, and earlier this month, we did just that. On Saturday, December 8, a few of our staff members spent some time at the Valley Animal Center, where they helped walk and train dogs alongside the center’s staff.

The Valley Animal Center is a community-supported organization that houses thousands of dogs and cats annually until they’re placed in loving homes. Day-to-day shelter capacity can accommodate more than 100 dogs and 300 cats.

Animal shelters can be stressful environments for dogs, and studies have shown that animals that engage in regular human contact sessions have lower cortisol levels, which can be beneficial to both animal welfare and adoption procedures.

After receiving proper training, our staff members were ready to do some training themselves. In, fact, they are now all Level 2 dog trainers! They learned how to approach cages properly, recognize when a dog is nervous or scared, reward good behavior, and train away bad behavior. Our staff members were then put to the test as they trained a few pups using all of their new skills. 

At the end of the day, our staff said their goodbyes to the center’s trainers and animals and left with a great sense of accomplishment. Community engagement is a value that the doctors and staff at EYE-Q hold dear, and we’re glad we were able to spend a morning learning and volunteering our time with the Valley Animal Center.

If you’d like to learn more about the Valley Animal Center and all that they do for animal welfare here in the Central Valley, visit To learn more about EYE-Q Cares, click here.