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Is it Time for New Glasses?

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Have you been wearing the same pair of glasses with the same prescription for years? It may be time to visit your eye care specialist—you’d be surprised how much your eyes can change just within the span of a single year.

You won’t notice it immediately, but as your eyes change, they will start sending you signs that your prescription is no longer perfect for you. Here are five signs that it’s time to get your prescription checked.

Blurred vision

Your vision shouldn’t be blurry if you’re wearing prescription glasses. This is a clear indicator that you should schedule an appointment for an eye exam.


If you can only see clearly by partially closing your eyes, it’s time for new glasses. When you squint, a small, concentrated amount of light is let into your eyes, resulting in better vision. Yes, you’ll see better, but it’s a temporary solution that you shouldn’t need to do while wearing glasses.

Seeing double

This one isn’t just a cataracts symptom. Seeing double usually indicates that your eyes aren’t working together to allow you to see clearly.

Chronic headaches

While you might not notice the subtle changes in your eyesight over time, your brain certainly does. As these changes occur, your eyes begin to strain and the brain uses more energy to correct your vision, causing frequent headaches. If you’ve noticed an increase in headaches, visiting your eye care specialist could solve the problem.

Your glasses

Take a look at the state of your glasses. Are they scratched? Is the frame bent? Scratched lenses can actually blur your vision, and bent frames can cause your glasses to sit incorrectly on your face, resulting in eye strain and discomfort.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, give EYE-Q a call at (559) 486-2000.