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Meet Jenny Ricardo

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Jenny Ricardo leads a busy life. She loves photography, and spends a lot of time creating beautiful scrapbooks full of her work. (She carries a camera everywhere, just in case.) She bakes regularly, using recipes she has collected over the years. Jenny crochets often, and loves to work with her hands in her craft room. She also loves spending time with her grandchildren, taking them on adventures all over the Central Valley. That’s why Jenny couldn’t afford to lose her vision.

When she started experiencing the symptoms of cataracts, Jenny panicked, thinking she was going blind. She was suddenly too afraid to drive, unable to see the lights and street signs. She stopped carrying her camera because she could no longer see what she was taking pictures of. She became incredibly frustrated—trapped by the limitations of her vision.

Fortunately, with a visit to EYE-Q Vision Care, Jenny discovered that she had cataracts. Today, cataract surgery is a gentle outpatient procedure. Jenny was pleased to find out that it would help her see clearly for the rest of her life! She’s been a patient at EYE-Q since she was ten years old, so naturally, she went to EYE-Q’s surgical center in Fresno as soon as she could. Now, her vision is back to normal, and she’s back to leading the life she loves!

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