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Six Reasons to Schedule a Back-to-School Eye Exam

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It’s that time of year again: back-to-school season! As you get your kids ready to start a new school year, or perhaps their first school year, you’re gathering up all of the necessary supplies, shopping for back-to-school clothes, and finding the perfect backpacks to fit your kids’ personalities—but you might be forgetting something.


Your kids also need a back-to-school eye exam to make sure their eyes are healthy and ready to take in all of the new things they’ll learn this next school year. For more information about the link between children’s eyesight and their academic success, watch Dr. Holt’s segment on Lifestyle Matters.

Here are six reasons to schedule eye exams for your children before they go back to school this year.


1. Learning challenges may be vision-related.

Children often may not realize it, but their vision could be keeping them from academic success. Having trouble seeing the board in class or reading assigned work at home can discourage kids from wanting to learn and prevent them from doing well in school.

2. It’s convenient.

Scheduling an eye exam just before the school year starts works well for everyone. Not only will your kids start the school year with an improved eye prescription, but you can schedule their yearly exams each fall as the back-to-school season arrives. That way, every school year, they’re ready to take on whatever comes their way with confidence and healthy vision!

3. Their confidence skyrockets.

Speaking of confidence, children who can’t see well often lack it. They will avoid reading aloud in class, or reading in general. Getting them to an eye exam will boost their confidence in and outside of school.

4. New glasses are almost as awesome as new back-to-school clothes.

Many kids would say there’s nothing better than getting new back-to-school clothes, but new back-to-school eyeglasses might be a close second! Sure, glasses are important because they help us see better, but they are also a great accessory to spice up those back-to-school outfits—and kids know it, too. A new pair of specs may be just what your child needs! (And our Pediatric Office has selections just for kids!) 

5. All that time staring at a screen isn’t good for your kids.

As technology continues to advance and becomes more and more accessible, our kids may find themselves in front of a screen a little too often, and their eye health shows it. Spending too much time playing games on phones or tablets and browsing the internet has many negative effects on our children’s eyesight. Make sure to have your child’s eyes checked out before the school year starts to prepare them for online homework and projects, too.

6. A new school year means after-school sports.

We all know how important it is for kids to stay active, so after-school sports are an important aspect to their lives. However, sports and healthy eyes go hand-in-hand, especially with sports that require good hand-eye coordination and healthy depth perception. Scheduling eye exams for your children will not only help them be better students but also better athletes.

Eyesight can affect so many factors in children’s lives. Strong and healthy eyes mean confident, active and happy kids.