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Six Symptoms That Could Mean You Have Cataracts

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Cataracts. We’ve all heard the word before, but many people don’t know what it means or how they affect our eyesight. A cataract is the clouding of the lens behind the iris that can cause blurry or unclear vision. Cataracts are inevitable as you get older. However, by wearing sunglasses with UV protection as often as possible and getting regular eye exams, the effects of cataracts can be delayed.

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Because cataracts can have such a strong effect on your eyesight, knowing the symptoms is key. As is catching them as early as possible. These are the six most common symptoms. For more information about cataracts, check out this Lifestyle Matters interview with our very own Dr. Hinton.

1. Cloudy or blurry vision.

If you’ve noticed that your vision has become increasingly blurry, it may be because your eye lens has been clouded, like a dirty camera lens. Without treatment, this symptom will become more and more severe as time goes on.

2. Colors seem faded.

You may realize that colors are not as vibrant, which is mostly because the cataracts’ cloudiness prevents the recognition of the saturation of colors you’re used to seeing.

3. Halos around lights.

The cloudiness that cataracts cause can also result in diffraction of light entering your eye, which can lead to halos appearing around various light sources.

4. Poor vision at night.

With poor night vision comes more difficulty driving at night. Not only does this make it more dangerous for you, but also for others on the road. Your other night time activities could be affected, as well.

5. Double vision.

Double vision causes you to see two or more images of a single object, which can be confusing.

6. Frequent prescription changes.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve had to see your doctor about getting a stronger prescription more frequently than usual, this may also be a sign that you have cataracts.

Any of these symptoms could be an indication that you have cataracts, so scheduling an appointment to see your eye doctor is vital. Whether you find that you have cataracts or another eye condition, catching eye problems early on is always important, as it makes treating the condition that much easier.