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Why Won’t My Eye Stop Twitching?

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It happens to everyone—sometimes your eye just won’t stop twitching. Eyelid twitching, clinically called myokymia, is caused by a variety of factors and can last anywhere from a couple of minutes or hours to several weeks, or even months. Here are six reasons why your eyelids occasionally twitch.

1. Stress

Stress is the most common cause of twitching. Breathing exercises, more downtime in your schedule, yoga and meditation, and spending time with friends or pets are all great ways to reduce stress that may be causing your eyelid to twitch.

2. Lack of sleep

Our bodies all react differently when we aren’t getting enough sleep or if our sleep schedules are irregular. One of these reactions is eyelid twitching. Make sure to regularly sleep six to eight hours at night to help prevent twitching.

3. Alcohol consumption

Too much alcohol consumption can cause muscle exhaustion, leading to eye twitching. By minimizing the amount of alcohol you consume, you’re less likely to encounter the annoyance of an eye twitch.

4. Too much caffeine

Coffee is a staple in most people’s morning routine, but too much might have your eye going a little wild. Try cutting back on coffee, caffeinated teas, and sodas.

5. Allergies

Anytime a season changes, allergies seem to flare up. While we all react differently to allergies, those of us who experience itching, swelling, or watery eyes are also likely to experience eyelid twitching.

6. Dry eyes

People who wear contact lenses and take certain medications are more prone to chronic dry eye syndrome, which often causes eyelid twitching.

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