Why EYE-Q Lasik?

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If you’ve been thinking about LASIK forever, make this your year to take action. Perhaps you were waiting for the technology to be perfected, or the cost to come down? Then this is your year. LASIK advancements are complete, and all future-generation technologies are now here. The value and lifetime benefit of LASIK has never been better.

EYE-Q is home to the most experienced LASIK team in the Valley. Dr. Michael Walker has performed thousands of procedures. He is fellowship trained in corneal surgery, and will ensure during every step of the process – from evaluation to preoperative testing, through surgery and post-operative care – you are well cared for.


Personalized Evaluations

Your one-hour complimentary consultation involves a number of sophisticated tests that allow us to look at your prescription, astigmatism, corneal curvature, thickness and pupil size. All are important in determining which laser vision correction procedure is best for you. At your visit, we’ll evaluate your results, explain your options, and recommend a vision solution that will suit you for years to come.

Excellent Outcomes

Everyone who has LASIK wants to be free of contact lenses and glasses. We want that for you, too. So we pay rigorous attention to patient outcomes, continuously updating the algorithm used to deliver your desired result. We’re actually able to show you, during your evaluation, how people at exactly your same prescription have done with LASIK from Dr. Walker. No generalized FDA results. We’ll give you our LASIK results, in our center, with Dr. Walker. They’re your eyes. Get documented outcomes when choosing a LASIK surgeon.

Advanced Technology. Affordable Fees.

We use the Allegretto Wave excimer laser, the Intralase femtosecond laser, and the Zyoptix XP microkeratome. The best combination of technology available. And because we know how much people benefit from LASIK, we make it affordable. That’s EYE-Q LASIK.

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