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The first step of LASIK is creating a protective flap, much like a natural contact lens, which will be created using either a microkeratome or a femtosecond laser, during the first few minutes of your procedure. The Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix XP microkeratome offers proven safety and precision.

The IntraLase femtosecond laser provides an all-laser choice. The IntraLase uses tiny pulses of laser light, one-quadrillionth of a second each, that pass through the outer portion of your cornea to create a uniform layer of microscopic bubbles just beneath the surface of your eye.

Both methods provide outstanding results, and our outcomes do not show improved visual acuity of one method over the other. However, we recognize that many people feel most comfortable with an all-laser procedure and we will discuss the benefits and risks for you personally, during your LASIK consultation. Regardless of the method chosen, the flap-creation procedure only takes a few minutes.


Step two of LASIK is the portion of the procedure that allows you to see well without glasses or contact lenses. The Allegretto Wave system employs a flying, small-spot laser beam that is 0.9mm wide. This is important because only a very small, narrow beam permits precise, gradual corneal shaping. The beam used, called a Gaussian beam, also has a special shape. The tip is U-shaped, with smooth round corners, unlike other laser beam tips that are flat. The Gaussian beam shape aids in producing a smooth surface on the cornea. The Allegretto laser operates at a rate of 200-pulses per second, which is more than twice as fast as “other scanning spot” systems.

The Allegretto Wave® Laser System

The WaveLight® Allegretto Wave excimer laser system is a revolutionary technology in the field of LASIK. This high-speed laser offers a unique combination of safety and efficiency, and allows our laser eye surgeon, Dr. Michael Walker, to treat more patients with less effort. With the Allegretto Wave excimer laser, patients experience faster procedures, shorter recovery times, and excellent outcomes.

EYE-Q Laser Center in Fresno was the first practice to offer the Allegretto Wave excimer laser in the San Joaquin Valley.

The WaveLight laser has proven to be a game-changer in the world of laser vision correction surgery. There’s a lot going on under the hood with the WaveLight, as it’s packed with features that are unparalleled in the industry.

Speed – Procedures with the WaveLight are up to 10 times faster than traditional LASIK. Less time under the laser means less stress for you.

Comfort – The WaveLight is ergonomically designed so you can relax during the procedure.

Safety – The WaveLight uses an advanced laser guidance technology to map your eye at a microscopic level. This feature significantly reduces the risk of minute abnormalities that can cause problems with your night vision such as glare or halos. This technology is exclusive to the Allegretto Wave excimer laser.

Results – Studies show that 93 percent of patients who have undergone vision correction surgery with the WaveLight laser see at least 20/20 or better following the procedure. Eighty-seven percent of all WaveLight patients would recommend the procedure to their friends.

Are You a Candidate for WaveLight?  With the Allegretto Wave excimer laser, more people than ever before are candidates for laser eye surgery. A consultation at EYE-Q will help determine if WaveLight is right for you.

See at Night with WaveLight  WaveLight technology is proven to produce some of the largest optical zones of any vision correcting laser on the market today. A large optical zone—the portion of your cornea corrected by the laser—is a crucial factor in enhancing your vision at night. A common drawback of conventional laser surgery is the presence of halos or glare in your eyesight after vision correction surgery. WaveLight technology can reduce or completely eliminate these complications.

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