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Colored Contacts

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Wearing contact lenses without a prescription may seem harmless, but beware: costume contacts can severely damage your eyes and even cause permanent blindness if they are not properly fitted by an eye specialist. Wearing non-approved contact lenses will increase your risk of serious eye infections and can suffocate your eyes. The cornea, the ocular structure that the contact lenses drape over on your eyes, may not be getting the proper amount of oxygen if you are wearing the wrong contact lens materials. Contact lenses from non-approved manufactures may be produced without the proper standard of sanitation and sterile fields and will increase your risk of a serious eye infection. If you are wearing costume contacts for cosplay, Halloween, or other events, make sure you understand how to do it without damaging your eyes.

The best way to ensure safety when using contact lenses is to see an eye care professional first. Your eye doctor can measure your eyes for properly fitted contacts, assess whether you are a good candidate for contacts, and offer safety tips. After you have seen your eye care provider and received a prescription, be sure to only buy costume contacts from retailers who require a prescription to purchase contact lenses and who only sell FDA-approved contact lenses.

Packaging that claims ‘one size fits all’ or ‘no need to see an eye doctor’ is wrong and is not a safe option. Non-prescription costume contacts can cut, scratch, suffocate, and infect your eyes if they do not fit exactly right. The risk is not worth it! Have a fun and safe Halloween!