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Computer Glasses

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Whether you work from home, work from an office, do schoolwork online, or simply often scroll through your mobile devices, you’re likely exposed to the effects of digital eye strain, or computer vision syndrome. People often experience headaches, blurry vision, dry or red eyes, double vision and eye twitching as a result of digital eye strain. Our eyes aren’t made for staring at near objects, like computer glowing screens, for long periods of time. When we do, this causes strain and fatigue of the ciliary muscle inside the eye that controls the shape of lens and the focusing power of the eye. It also tires the extraocular muscles surrounding our eyes that control eye position and alignment. The tiring of these muscles leads to discomfort and visual symptoms.

By wearing computer glasses, you can shield your eyes from potentially harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. You might be wondering how these work, or how they’re different from regular glasses. A good pair of computer glasses will benefit you by correcting refractive errors, providing optimum viewing magnification for your devices and protecting you from blue light. There are a few different types of lenses for computer glasses such as single vision, progressive, bifocal and trifocal. Find the right fit for you with your eye doctor today!