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Eye Allergie

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With the summer season approaching now’s a good time to review the common symptoms of eye allergies. Eye allergies are common and occur due to a reaction from allergens. When this happens, the eyes produce histamines to fight off the allergen. This may cause the eyelids to become swollen and itchy, and the eyes may tear and burn.

Eye allergies usually occur along with nasal allergies as well. Symptoms may include sneezing and a stuffy nose. Allergies can be contracted from pets, dust, pollen, smoke, perfumes or foods.

Avoiding trigger allergens is the best remedy from contracting allergies. Using eye drops or medicine from an eye doctor can help with symptoms. Patients may also want to try wearing sunglasses while outside to prevent pollen from getting into their eyes as well as keeping windows closed and air conditioning units clean. Above all patients will want to avoid rubbing their eyes as this can irritate them more.

Other considerations for pet owners with eye allergies:

  • Keeping animals outside and limiting their presence in the bedroom
  • Carpet traps pet dander, if you can, opt for hardwood floors in your home instead
  • Always wash your hands and clothes after touching animals