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2 Surprising Fall Vision Concerns

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fall vision concerns

You may not consider autumn an especially dangerous time for your eyesight, but if you’re not careful, you could be causing damage to your eyes without realizing it. With daylight time shortening and Halloween just around the corner, make sure you’re aware of these lesser-known threats to your eyes.

1. Halloween Contact Lenses

You should visit your eye doctor if you’re interested in using Halloween contact lenses to compliment your costume. All contact lenses need to be fitted properly to ensure healthy exchange of oxygen to the cornea. Since colored and costume contact lens designs are painted onto a contact lens, the amount of oxygen that can pass through the lens is decreased, so a poorly fit lens may irritate or even starve your eye of the oxygen it needs to remain healthy. 

If you’re experiencing irritation from over-the-counter costume contact lenses, see your eye care provider immediately. Eye infections from costume contact lenses can be treated with antibiotic eye drops. However, some infections may require injections to the eye, or eye surgery including a corneal transplant. Damage from costume contact lenses can cause infections that may cause permanent scarring to the cornea. This damage can lead to a loss of vision or may require a cornea transplant.


2. Adequate Light

As fall progresses to Winter the amount of daylight decreases daily. This is due to the Earth’s tilt away from the sun. This decreases the amount of available daylight until the start of spring. Using task-specific lighting is a great way ensure we have adequate lighting when reading. Lighting that simulates daylight is better for enhancing contrast when reading—this light tends to be whiter and brighter, so be careful of glare. Adequate lighting while we read is important especially as we age. As we get older, the lens in the eye slowly allows less light to reach the back of the eye, so the amount of light needed to see and read increases.

For more information, check out this video of the Lifestyle Matters segment on fall vision with Dr. Barrón.