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Halloween Contact Lenses Are Causing Scary Problems

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You may want to rethink your use of costume contact lenses after knowing the potential damage to your eyes.


We all want to win the costume contest, but don’t let your eyes suffer the potential consequences related to decorative non-prescription contact lenses. This popular trend is one that looks cool on Instagram but could have lasting detrimental effects on your eyes.

Contact lenses are medical devices that are regulated by the FDA. The decorative lenses purchased over-the-counter are not FDA-approved and can cause serious vision problems, like scratches to the cornea, corneal injection, pink eye, and even decreased vision or blindness.

Contacts are not one-size-fits-all. Legal contact lenses require a prescription and should be fitted by a vision specialist. Don’t worry—there’s some good news here. You CAN see your eye doctor and purchase colored lenses from an eye care professional. Safe and spooky!