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Schedule Your Child’s Back-to-School Eye Exam

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The school year is fast approaching, and now is the time to schedule your little one’s annual eye exam.


The formula for the perfect first day of school: the perfect backpack, a pack of pencils, a binder, cool notebooks, an eraser, and an eye exam. The last one on the list may seem a little out of place, but its importance will surprise you.

Up to 10 percent of preschool-age children and 25 percent of elementary-school-age children have vision problems, and poor eyesight can play a large role in your child’s performance in school. Many activities in the classroom require visual tasks, like reading, writing, using computers, and following along on the whiteboard. If your child is having trouble with these activities, they may feel discouraged and lose interest in learning. A visit to your child’s ophthalmologist is the perfect solution.

EYE-Q’s resident pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Derick Holt, is an expert in identifying and treating a wide variety of childhood eye conditions. Thanks to his training and experience, along with EYE-Q’s suite of advanced technology, Dr. Holt can see what your child sees. He can quickly root out problems and prescribe the appropriate form of treatment for your child—keeping those precious eyes clear and bright well into the future.

An annual appointment gives you the opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s eye health. Your appointment will also give you something every parent needs—peace of mind. On top of that, your kiddo will be even more excited to start the school year, especially if they’re rocking some brand new specs.

Good vision is the key to confident and happy children, so schedule your child’s appointment today by calling EYE-Q at (559) 486-2000.