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Staff Spotlight: Joe Booth

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Joe Booth tackles and conquers the Everesting Challenge

We love our employees and we think they’re pretty incredible. Each day they come into work and share their love of vision care with our patients. But our employees aren’t just amazing when they’re in the office—they’re driven and dedicated to some hefty personal goals as well.

Joe Booth is an Ophthalmic Tech here at EYE-Q Vision Care by day, but at night (A.K.A. the wee hours of the early morning) he’s pedaling his way to new heights. Last month, he completed the Everesting Challenge by climbing 8,848m (the height of Mount Everest) on the 4-lane of Highway 168. The adventure took a total of 19.5 hours—from 2 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. Booth powered through 190.5 miles and 32,200 feet of climbing. Joe is one of two central valley heroes to complete the challenge and now, he’s earned his place on the Everesting Hall-of-Fame page.

We are so inspired by his journey and want to share more of it with the world. Read, in Joe’s own words, how he was able to surmount this strenuous challenge.