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5 Signs Glasses Don’t Fit

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The size and shape of your eyewear matters, probably more than you think. Here are some common signs your eyeglasses are not the right fit for you (and how to make those fixes).

  1. Nose sliding
    Are you constantly pushing your glasses up throughout the day? You may have a low nose bridge. Look for eyeglasses best suited for lower nose bridges, such as rectangular or horn-rimmed, and pay attention to bridge width.
    If your glasses have nose pads, squeeze them inward to rest more comfortably and securely on your nose. Pay attention to see if they keep sliding.
  2. Looseness
    Do your glasses take flight when you make a quick turn or double-take? If so, then they’re probably too loose around your ears.
    Visit any EYE-Q office and have them adjusted for free.
  3. Pinching
    When you take your glasses off after a long day, do you notice imprints on the bridge of your nose? Most eyeglasses sit on top of the nose, while metal frames rely on nose pads to evenly distribute weight. Incorrectly set pads can pinch your nose. You can easily adjust your nose pads so they are flush against your face. Another possibility is that your frames are too heavy, which is causing the imprints.
    Consider lighter weight lenses and frames with a slightly wider bridge.
  4. Tightness
    Do your glasses leave marks on your cheeks or do you feel pressure on the sides of your head? Your eyeglasses may be too tight at the temples or around the ears.
    Visit any EYE-Q office and have them adjusted for free.
  5. Eye strain
    If everything feels right and your frames are comfortable, but you’re experiencing eye strain or headaches, it could be a sign that your vision has changed. Come in for a complete eye exam and get a new prescription.

Your comfort and vision are important, so don’t settle with discomfort. EYE-Q has a large selection of glasses and experts to help find what fits you. Schedule an appointment at