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Expensive vs. Cheap Sunglasses

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What’s the real difference between expensive and cheap sunglasses? Is there a difference or are those gas station sunglasses just as good as other options? If they both provide 100% UV protection then there’s no difference. Expensive sunglasses are usually marked-up because of the name rather than functional improvements.

So, do cheap sunglasses actually protect your eyes? Well, yes and no. The FDA tests sunglasses to make sure they block UVA & UVB light, and most will, but that is only directly from the front. Protecting the surrounding skin is also important and that depends on the size of your shades. Good sunglasses come with an anti-reflective coating to shield your eyes from reflections off the back and front of your lenses. Most cheaper sunglasses will not have an AR coating. You can get by with cheap sunglasses if you need to.

Expensive sunglasses must be worth the price then, right? Again, yes and no. They tend to have durable frames, better design, and comfortable fit. However, price isn’t always an indication of quality. A good indication of quality sunglasses comes down to two things: lenses and shade/UV protection. Features like impact-resistant frames and lenses, AR coating and adequate coverage around your eyes/face make for more effective sunglasses.

If you are someone who wears corrective eyewear, prescription sunglasses are a must if you are willing to spend the extra money (not all options are expensive). Just be sure your prescription sunglasses include UV protection, anti-reflective coating, and shield both your eyes and surrounding skin. The best protection for your eyes is always worth the extra investment.

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