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How to Get Relief From Eye Allergies

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Allergens are around us all year, whether you are indoors or outdoors. They can trigger symptoms like coughing, sneezing, stuffy and runny nose… and swollen eyes. Once allergens come in contact with your eyes, they can cause the eyes to swell and become red, itchy, watery, and uncomfortable. Here are some helpful tips to help relieve eye allergies, but always check with your doctor or ophthalmologist before you try any treatment:

Wash your face. Washing your face can help unstick allergens from your skin and eyelashes.

Apply a cold compress. To combat swollen and itchy eyes, soak a towel or washcloth in cold water or refrigerate a damp cloth or eye pillow. Lie down and apply the cold compress across your eyes and let it reduce your swollen eyelids.

Oral medications or allergy shots. For milder allergy symptoms, over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications can provide relief for most symptoms, including itchy eyes. In addition to OTC and prescription medications, allergy shots can help keep allergy symptoms under control.

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