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When to Get New Eyeglasses

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When was the last time you got new glasses? It is recommended to get new glasses every 1 to 3 years, but if you notice these factors, it’s time to change your prescription:

Your glasses will never change, but your eyes will. Meaning if you start to have double vision or a difference in your visual acuity, it’s time for a new prescription. You shouldn’t have to squint to see something right in front of you if you have the correct prescription.

Wear and tear on your glasses have a bigger effect on your sight than you may think. If your glasses get distorted over time, it reduces their clarity. Scratches are also permanent damage that cannot be fixed and makes lenses harder to see through. Some glasses come with special coatings like scratch-resistant or anti-reflective. These coatings actually deteriorate over time, resulting in the need for a new pair of glasses with a new coating.

Another reason to get new glasses is because you want to. We have different clothes for different occasions, so why can’t you have glasses for different occasions as well. They are just as much an accessory as jewelry. Your glasses should make you feel good, so choose one or as many pairs that you like.