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Glaucoma Awareness Month

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The beginning of the year is a time we often decide to start fresh and make better decisions about our health. Did you know that feeling your best also includes seeing your best? January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. So, this year, make the decision to take care of your eyes and take advantage of the many available resources! Here are five things you should know about Glaucoma:

  • Glaucoma can cause vision loss and blindness, which can’t be reversed.
  • There are no early symptoms. Early detection and treatment is key. Don’t wait for symptoms to visit your eye doctor!
  • Nearly half the people who have glaucoma don’t even know they have it. Lack of awareness and absence of symptoms are preventing people from detecting the disease early on. You can change that!
  • Some people are at higher risk than others, particularly those with a family history of glaucoma.
  • There is only one way to know if you have glaucoma. Getting a comprehensive dilated exam is the only way to find out if you have glaucoma.

Now that you have the basic information about glaucoma, make a resolution for a healthier vision. Call us at (559) 486-2000, and schedule your exam today!