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NEW LuxOR® Revalia™ Ophthalmic Microscopes

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Considering a cataract restorative procedure? Feel comfortable and secure in your decision. Our surgeons use the LuxOR® Revalia Ophthalmic Microscope, a new collaborative solution for every phase of cataract procedures. This new microscope is designed to optimize both anterior and posterior procedures by providing the best visualization for every type of ophthalmic surgery.

The new LuxOR® Revalia Ophthalmic Microscope allows our surgeons to have the best visualization during all stages of cataract surgery through unique and personalized LED illumination technology. With traditional microscopes, surgeons may have to refocus multiple times throughout the procedure, as various planes of the eye may require attention. With the LuxOR® Revalia’s new ILLUMIN-i® technology, the focal length between the lens and the patient’s eye is increased by approximately 65 mm, resulting in crisp visualization, excellent detail recognition and fewer focus adjustments for more efficient procedures. We are committed to having state of the art facilities and technology so that we can provide you the best care, before, during and beyond recovery.

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