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Dr. John G. Barrón: Born in Selma, Serves in Selma

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AT EYE-Q, we’re committed to providing the highest quality of vision care to the members of our communities.

The Central Valley has always been our home, and the same goes for Dr. John Barrón. Born and raised in Selma, Dr. Barrón is a Selma native through and through—which is why he is committed to staying in the area to provide his vision care expertise to his fellow Selma residents.

Dr. Barrón obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Fresno Pacific University, then went on to California State University, Fresno for his post-baccalaureate studies. He decided to pursue his dream of becoming an optometrist at the Southern California College of Optometry where he had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador and Mexico to provide voluntary vision screenings and eye health assessments to more than 7,000 patients.

Dr. Barrón specializes in glasses, contact lenses, computer vision problems, and early detection of eye diseases—treating patients of all ages. As a parent, and former educator, he is keenly aware of the impact that uncorrected visual problems have on children and their school performance. Being fluent in Spanish and English allows Dr. Barrón to both treat, understand, and connect with more patients. You can be one of his loyal eye care patients by scheduling a consultation with him at our Selma office and calling (559) 940-6593.