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Permanent Hair Reduction

The MedSpa at EYE-Q uses the Sciton BBL permanent hair reduction technology, the most advanced system in permanent hair removal.

Sciton BBL is the safest and most comfortable permanent hair reduction option available and it provides exceptional results. Sciton BBL’s revolutionary hair reduction technology uses a cooled sapphire plate that provides continuous cooling for maximum comfort. Plus, the speed and the accuracy of the light energy being administered allows for a safer, more effective treatment.

frequenty asked questions
What does it do?

Permanently reduces growth of dark hair on the face and body.

What should I expect?

Mild redness and sensation of mild sunburn for 1-2 hours after treatment. Treatments are done in a series of 6, typically 4-8 weeks apart (or whenever hair growth is present). For best results, patients are asked to shave the day of their treatment.

How much does it cost?
  • Series of 6 treatments for an extra small area (i.e. lip or chin, happy trail, feet) — $250
  • Series of 6 treatments for a small area (i.e. armpit, basic bikini, full lower face/beard, men’s trim-up) — $500
  • Series of 6 treatments for a medium area (i.e. brazilian, lower arms) — $800
  • Series of 6 treatments for a large area (i.e. upper or lower back, full arms, upper or lower leg) — $1200
  • Series of 6 treatments for an extra large area (i.e. full leg, full back) — $1800


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