Events & Specials


Can’t make it to the Friends & Family event?

Call in and order to receive the same discounts! You can find more information at the links below.

Raffle Prizes


BOTOX® Cosmetic 25 units

30 prizes ($9,000 value)


12 syringes ($6,600 value)


9 syringes ($7,200 value)

PCAskin© Sensi Peel

12 prizes ($1,200 value)

ZO® Rezenerate Nanofacial

12 prizes ($1,800 value)

ZO® 3-step peel with Skin Preparation Kits

3 prizes ($1,500 value)

ZO® Brightening and Texture Kits

3 prizes ($1,275 value)

ZO® Gift Set + Stim Peel GC – 21 Prizes ($4,200-$200 each) 

Free Raffle Ticket

Grand Prize: $500 BBL Hands ($5 Ticket), $1,000 BBL LHR ($10 Ticket), $2,000 Forever Young BBL (20 Ticket)


TOTAL $36,275


"From the front office to the back door, my care and service was an A+. Thank you Dr. Waldrop!"


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